Francia, bilancia commerciale maggio -4,020 mld euro

martedì 7 luglio 2015 09:05

PARIGI, 7 luglio (Reuters) - France's trade deficit widened in May to 4.020 billion euros, seasonally adjusted data published on Tuesday by the customs office showed. KEY DATA:

May 2015 April 2015

Import Export Balance Import Export Balance Trade (adjusted) 41.946 37.926 -4.020 41.459 38.153 -3.306 Trade (unadjusted) 39.756 34.654 -5.102 41.909 39.043 -2.866 BACKGROUND France has run a trade deficit every month since May 2004 as French firms have seen their share of international markets dwindle in the face of declining competitiveness. France posted its biggest monthly deficit in April 2011 with a trade gap of 7.024 billion euros. GRAPHICS

Monthly balance, imports and exports:

Breakdown by main partners and sectors:

Share of international trade: