Zona euro, prestiti settore privato ancora in caduta a novembre - Bce

martedì 30 dicembre 2014 10:15

FRANCOFORTE, 30 dicembre (Reuters) - I prestiti alle imprese e alle famiglie
hanno continuato a contrarsi a novembre, ma a un ritmo inferiore rispetto al
mese precedente, nonostante sia stato registrato un incremento del crescita
dell'offerta di moneta. E' quanto emerge dalle statistiche mensili della Banca
centrale europea.
                                         NOV    OCT       Prior
 M3 annual growth rate                   3.1    2.5       (2.5)
 M3 3-month moving avg 12-mo growth      2.7    2.3       (2.3)
 Annual total credit growth             -0.9   -1.3      (-1.3)
 Annual credit growth private sector    -1.4   -1.6      (-1.7)
  -- of which loans                     -0.9   -1.1      (-1.1)
  -- of which loans (adj. for sales
     and securitisation)               -0.2   -0.5      (-0.5)
 Breakdown of Loans, pct annual growth rate:
 Loans to households                    -0.4   -0.4      (-0.4)
  -- consumer credit                     0.1    0.1       (0.1)
  -- for home purchases                 -0.2   -0.2      (-0.2)
 Loans to non-financial corporations    -1.6   -1.8      (-1.8)
 Loans to NFCs adj. for sales and
 securitisation                         -1.3   -1.6      (-1.6)
 Monthly loan flow to firms adj. for
 sales and securitisation (bln euros)      1     -2        (-3)

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NOTES: The data are adjusted to exclude holdings of money market fund shares or
units by residents outside the euro area and non-resident holdings of money
market paper and debt securities with an initial maturity of up to two years.
Previously reported data from the prior month are in brackets.
The ECB has set a reference rate of 4.5 percent for the three-month moving
average of annual money supply growth, above which the bank sees dangers to
medium-term price stability.
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