TESTO INTEGRALE-Lettera inviata da Atene con richiesta estensione bailout

giovedì 19 febbraio 2015 12:50

BRUXELLES, 19 febbraio (Reuters) - Di seguito il testo, in lingua inglese, della lettera inviata dal ministro delle Finanze greco Yanis Varoufakis a Jeroen Dijsselbloem, presidente dell'Eurogruppo dei ministri delle finanze della zona euro.

"Athens, February 18, 2015

Dear President of the Eurogroup,

Over the last five years, the people of Greece have exerted remarkable efforts in economic adjustment. The new government is committed to a broader and deeper reform process aimed at durably improving growth and employment prospects, achieving debt sustainability and financial stability, enhancing social fairness and mitigating the significant social cost of the ongoing crisis.

The Greek authorities recognise that the procedures agreed by the previous governments were interrupted by the recent presidential and general elections and that, as a result, several of the technical arrangements have been invalidated. The Greek authorities honour Greece's financial obligations to all its creditors as well as state our intention to cooperate with our partners in order to avert technical impediments in the context of the Master Facility Agreement which we recognise as binding vis-a-vis its financial and procedural content.

In this context, the Greek authorities are now applying for the extension of the Master Financial Assistance Facility Agreement for a period of six months from its termination during which period we shall proceed jointly, and making best use of given flexibility in the current arrangement, toward its successful conclusion and review on the basis of the proposals of, on the one hand, the Greek government and, on the other, the institutions.

The purpose of the requested six-month extension of the Agreement's duration is:   Continua...



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TESTO INTEGRALE-Lettera inviata da Atene con richiesta estensione bailout | Notizie | Società Estere | Reuters.com
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