Bce, depositi o/n ieri 32,291 mld, prestiti marginali 1,274 mld

mercoledì 2 aprile 2014 09:30

FRANCOFORTE, 2 aprile (Reuters) - The European Central Bank reported the
following daily data on liquidity provision, in millions of euros.

                                             TODAY       PREV DAY
Use of overnight loan facility               1,274          5,358
Use of overnight deposit facility           32,291         28,745
Current account holdings                   189,297        183,293
Outstanding open market operations         516,264        516,342
First covered bond purchase programme       37,863         37,941
Second covered bond purchase programme      14,553         14,552

The ECB completed its first, year-long 60 billion euros covered bond buying
programme in June 2010 and its second one in November 2012, after spending less
than half of the 40 billion euros it originally earmarked. The total value of
the programmes occasionally fluctuates due to valuation issues or if bonds
purchased mature. For data double click on ECBCBP=ECBF and ECBCBP2=ECBF. 
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