FACTBOX - Crisi Finanza, piani di salvataggio pubblici nel mondo

martedì 21 ottobre 2008 14:09

   MONTENEGRO - 800 million euro ($1.08 billion)
 - BANK DEPOSITS: The government is ready to guarantee all
personal and banking deposits, which together total over 800
million euros.
 - LIQUIDITY: Proposed further central bank measures to
increase day-to-day money market liquidity and provide more
flexible loans.
 - GUARANTEE INTERBANK LENDING: Proposed rescue package also
allows for possibility of providing guarantees for interbank
 NETHERLANDS - 200 billion euros ($269.4 billion)
 - GUARANTEE INTERBANK LENDING: The government said it will
guarantee 200 billion euros in loans between banks and financial
 - BANK CAPITAL: Government has set aside 20 billion euros to
inject into financial institutions. Bank ING has agreed to take
10 billion euros while insurer Aegon is also looking at the govt
 NORWAY - 350 billion crowns ($57 billion)
 - DEBT SWAP: Banks can swap covered bonds, including
mortgage-backed securities, into new government bonds which they
can use as collateral in central bank auctions for liquidity.
 - LIQUIDITY: Norges Bank will offer two-year liquidity loans
aimed at smaller banks.
 - BANK CAPITAL: Government is prepared to inject fresh
capital into banks, if needed.
 - BANK DEPOSITS: State is working on boosting bank deposit
guarantees to 175,000 zlotys ($65,790).
 - LIQUIDITY: Central bank has endorsed the use of currency
swaps and introduced repo operations to boost interbank
liquidity. It also plans to widen the type of collateral it
takes for loans.
 PORTUGAL - 20 billion euros ($27 billion)
 - LIQUIDITY: The government said it will offer a financing
line to guarantee the liquidity of banks.
 - BANK DEPOSITS: The government raised its bank deposit
guarantees to 50,000 euros ($67,350) from 20,000 euros.
 - LIQUIDITY: Government said liquidity is ample, but that it
has the "necessary tools" to support banks through the injection
of liquidity and would do so if necessary.
 RUSSIA - $210 billion
 - BANK CAPITAL: Applications for funds from companies in the
banking sector total around $20 billion. State to increase stake
in bank VTB (VTBR.MM: Quotazione) and has pledged 950 billion roubles ($35
billion) in subordinated loans for the banking sector, with 500
billion going to Sberbank SBER03.MM and the rest put on
deposit at state-owned Vneshekonombank (VEB), to be distributed
to other banks.
 - LIQUIDITY: Central bank to offer more roubles in its
twice-daily repo auctions and be allowed to make collateral-free
loans to around 100 of Russia's top banks. Banks' reserve
requirements cut.
 - BUDGET FUNDS: More than double the amount of state funds
will be allowed to be put on deposit at commercial banks, to a
total of 1.5142 trillion roubles.
 - GUARANTEE INTERBANK LENDING: The central bank will
partially compensate Sberbank, VTB and Gazprombak for any losses
sustained as a result of lending money on the interbank market
 - BANK DEPOSITS: Bank deposit guarantees increased to 100
percent of the first 700,000 roubles.
 - BANK CAPITAL: Government said it is ready to inject
capital into banks in exchange for stakes.
 - BANK DEPOSITS: Government plan to guarantee 100 percent of
bank deposits waiting to be ratified by parliament.
 - LIQUIDITY: Domestic interbank market has a surplus but, as
a future euro zone member, it plans to follow a planned
relaxation of collateral rules among member states.
 - BANK DEPOSITS: Government said it will provide an
unlimited guarantee for all private deposits in Slovenian banks.
 - DEBT GUARANTEE: The government has agreed to guarantee
issues of new bank debt until December 2009, part of a package
of measures agreed by European governments.
 SWEDEN - 1.5 trillion Swedish crowns ($205 billion)
 - GUARANTEE ON NEW BORROWING: Made by financial firms up to
a maximum of 1.5 trillion crowns in total, in exchange for fees
from the banks. Deal to run until end-April 2009 but may be
extended for eight months.
 - BANK CAPITAL: A total of 15 billion crowns set aside in a
financial stabilisation fund, for use if a solvency crisis
arises at a financial firm. Should a capital injection be
needed, the govt would expect to receive preference shares.
 - BANK CAPITAL: UBS AG UBSN.VX is getting a 6 billion
Swiss francs ($5.29 billion) injection from the state in return
for a 9.3 percent shareholding, while Credit Suisse Group AG
(CS) CSGN.VX said it would raise 10 billion francs from
outside investors including Qatar.
 UBS will also unload $60 billion of toxic assets into a new
fund backed by the Swiss National Bank.
 - BANK CAPITAL: Government has proposed a fund that could
buy out firms and banks in financial trouble. President Viktor
Yushchenko said revenues from privatisation should be used to
provide cash for the fund.



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