TABELLA-Francia, disoccupazione Ilo sale al 10,9% in trim2 - Insee

giovedì 5 settembre 2013 08:12

Parigi, 5 settembre (Reuters) - France's unemployment rate rose to 10.9 percent in the
second quarter, from 10.8 percent in the previous quarter, data published by the INSEE national
statistics office on Thursday. 
    The following are the main figures from INSEE on a 
seasonally adjusted basis and calculated according to ILO 
                                                    Q1      Q2 
  Mainland France                                   10.4    10.5 
  Total in all of France (inlc.overseas terr.)      10.8    10.9 
 Historical high for the total France series was 11.2 percent in 
the first, second and third quarters of 1997 and the historical 
low was 7.5 percent in the first quarter of 2008. 
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    For more details from INSEE: here