Germania, balzo vendite dettaglio gennaio, a massimi da oltre 6 anni

venerdì 1 marzo 2013 08:15

BERLINO, 1 marzo (Reuters) - Germany's Federal Statistics office reported
the following retail sales data in percentage terms on Friday:  
   RETAIL SALES                 JAN 13     DEC 12    JAN 12  
   M/M pct change (real)        +3.1      (-2.1)      -1.8 
   Y/Y pct change (real)        +2.4      (-3.7)      +2.0   
   M/M pct change (nominal)     +2.9      (-1.9)      -1.5   
   Y/Y pct change (nominal)     +4.0      (-1.6)      +4.0   
   NOTE - Originally announced data which have since been  revised are in
brackets. Month-on-month changes were adjusted  for calendar and seasonal
factors, the Office said. 
   The mid-range forecast of analysts polled by Reuters was for retail sales to
rise by 1.0 percent month-on-month and drop by 1.8 percent year-on-year in real

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