Francia, spese consumatori agosto -0,4% su mese, consensus -0,5% da +0,4 luglio - Insee

venerdì 27 settembre 2013 08:55

27 settembre (Reuters) - French consumer spending fell 0.4 percent in August
from July, after a July rise of 0.4 percent versus June, according to data
released on Friday by the INSEE 
statistics agency. 
    A Reuters poll of six economists had forecast on average 
that August spending fell 0.5 percent. Estimates ranged from 0.1 
percent to -0.6 percent. 
     Exceptionally, INSEE gave data for both months of August 
and July, due to the summer holidays. The following is a table 
of the main figures, which show percentage changes on a 
month-on-month basis unless otherwise stated:     
                     July    Aug   Aug Y/Y 
 Total               0.4     -0.4  -0.1 
 Manufactured goods  0.6     -0.3  -0.1 
    French consumer confidence rose to a seven-month high in 
September in line with expectations, a separate set of data 
showed on Thursday. 
    For further details from INSEE: here
    For a consumer spending and confidence graphic:
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