RPT- TABLE-U.S. Q2 corporate profits rose 1.1 pct

mercoledì 29 agosto 2012 14:30

Aug 29 (Reuters) - Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates of profits by U.S. corporations, with comparisons. Data are in seasonally adjusted percent changes.

Q2'12 Q1'12 (Prev) 2011 From current production 0.5 -2.7 -2.7 7.3 Corporate income taxes -1.2 22.5 22.5 1.5 After Tax Profits 1.1 -8.6 -8.6 8.9


Reuters survey of U.S. economists' forecast:

U.S. Q2 corporate profits -4.5 pct


The department issued revisions to U.S. corporate profits through the first quarter of 2012 on July 27.

Corporate profits after tax include inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments. Profits from current production do not reflect tax law changes that would affect profits as reported to tax authorities.