TESTO INTEGRALE - G7 finanziario a Roma, il documento finale

sabato 14 febbraio 2009 14:45

ROMA, 14 febbraio (Reuters) - Ecco la versione integrale, nel testo originale in inglese, del documento finale emesso al termine del G7 finanziario tenuto a Roma ieri ed oggi.

"We, the G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors met today amid an ongoing and severe global economic downturn and financial turmoil. The stabilisation of the global economy and financial markets remains our highest priority. We have collectively taken exceptional measures to address these challenges and we reaffirm our commitment to act together using the full range of policy tools to support growth and employment and strengthen the financial sector.

The financial measures taken by each of us are helping to stabilise extremely volatile financial markets.

These actions aimed at restoring normal credit flows to the economy follow three approaches as needed 1) enhanced liquidity and funding through traditional and newly created instruments and facilities 2) strengthen the capital base according to the competent authority's assessment of individual financial institutions and 3) facilitate the orderly resolution of impaired assets. The G7 commit to take any further action that may prove necessary to re-establish full confidence in the global financial system.

We will continue to work together and to cooperate to avoid undesirable spillovers and distortions.

What started as financial turmoil has now gripped the real economy and spread throughout the world. The severe downturn has already resulted in significant job losses and is expected to persist through most of 2009.

The policy response by the G7 has been prompt and vigorous, its full effects will build over time. Policy interest rates have been reduced to very low levels and unconventional monetary policy actions are being taken as appropriate. Budgetary action has been resolute. In addition to the full functioning of automatic stabilisers, substantial further fiscal stimulus packages are being implemented. By taking action together the effects of our individual actions will be boosted. Our fiscal policy measures adhere to principles that will increase their effectiveness.

* be frontloaded and quickly executed

* include the appropriate mix of spending and tax measures to stimulate domestic demand and job creation and support the most vulnerable   Continua...



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