TESTO - Grecia, lettera Schaueble a Bce, Fmi e partner zona euro

mercoledì 8 giugno 2011 09:43

Di seguito il testo di una lettera - datata 6 giugno - del ministro delle Finanze tedesco Wolfgang Schaeuble ai vertici della Banca centrale europea, al Fondo monetario internazionale e ai partner della zona euro.

Dear President,

Dear colleagues,

Let me take this opportunity to share with you the German position on the support programme for Greece.

The situation is difficult. A return by Greece to the capital markets within 2012, as assumed by the current programme, seems more than unrealistic. This means that the volume of the current programme is insufficient to cover Greece's financial needs over the programme period.

As we know, this creates problems regarding the participation of the IMF. While the concrete volume of the additional financial needs will only be identified in the upcoming review by the Troika, I expect the increase to be substantial.

At the same time, without another disbursement of funds before mid-July, we face the real risk fo the first unorderly default within the euro zone.   Continua...



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