Cdp prezza bond 2016 4,25% da 750 mln euro 99,634 a reoffer

martedì 7 giugno 2011 18:39

 June 7 (Reuters) -Following are terms and conditions 
 of a bond priced on Tuesday.   
 Borrower                Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SpA (CDP) 
 Issue Amount            750 millon euro  
 Maturity Date           September 14, 2016  
 Coupon                  4.25 pct  
 Reoffer price           99.634 
 Reoffer yield           4.333 pct  
 Spread                  145 basis points  
 Underlying govt bond    Over Mid-swaps, equivalent to 191.4 
                        bp over 4.0 pct July 04, 2016 DBR
 Payment Date            June 14, 2011  
 Lead Manager(s)         Bank of America Merrill Lynch, 
                         Morgan Stanley, SG CIB & Unicredit
 Ratings                 Aa2 (Moody's), A+  (S&P),  
                         AA- (Fitch) 
 Listing                 Lux  
 Full fees               Undisclosed  
 Denoms (K)              100  
 Governing Law           Italian