Spagna colloca 3,387 mld nuovo Bono 5 anni a tasso medio 3,576%

giovedì 4 novembre 2010 11:15

 MADRID, Nov 4 (Reuters) - Spain announced the following
results at Thursday's Treasury bond auction BANCN:
 It sold 3.4 billion euros worth of a new five-year benchmark
bond with a coupon of 3.25 percent, within the Treasury's target
of 3 and 4 billion euros of the debt.
 Following are the details of the bond sale.
 AUCTION DATE                NOV 4
 ISSUE MATURITY              2015
 COUPON  (pct)               3.25
 AVERAGE YIELD (pct)         3.576
 HIGHEST YIELD (pct)         3.601
 AVERAGE PRICE               98.400
 TOTAL BIDS   (bln)          5,414
 ALLOTTED   (bln)            3,387
 BID/COVER RATIO             1.6 
 For full details, click on the Treasury page TESORESP07
and Bank of Spain page BANCN.