Pop Vicenza prezza FRN 2012 500 mln, 3me+155 pb, alla pari -lead

giovedì 23 settembre 2010 17:46

 Sept 23 (Reuters) -Following are terms and conditions of an
FRN priced on Thursday.          
Borrower                 Banca pop di Vicenza SCpA     
Issue Amount             500 million euro     
Maturity Date            October 5, 2012     
Coupon                   3-month Euribor + 155 bp     
Issue price              Par     
Reoffer price            Par     
Discount Margin          3-month Euribor + 155 bp     
Payment Date             October 5, 2012     
Lead Manager(s)          Natixis, Royal Bank of Scotland, 
Listing                  Lux     
Full fees                Undisclosed     Denoms (K)
Notes                    Launched under issuer's EMTN