Mps prezza covered 2024 da 1 mld, cedola 2,875%, MS+ 148 pb - Lead

martedì 8 luglio 2014 15:47

July 8(Reuters) -Following are terms and conditions of a bond priced on Tuesday.

    Borrower                Monte Paschi
    Issue Amount            1.0 billion euro
    Maturity Date           July 16, 2024
    Coupon                  2.875 pct
    Reoffer price           99.597
    Spread                  148 basis points
    Underlying govt bond    Over Mid-swaps, equivalent to 168.9bp
                            Over the 1.5 pct 2024 Bund
    Payment Date            July 16, 2014
    Lead Manager(s)         Deutsche Bank, HSBC, MPSCS & UBS
    Ratings                 Baa3 (Moody's) &
                            A (Fitch)
    Full fees               Undisclosed

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