Bce, depositi o/n in calo a 79,526 mld euro, prestiti a 325 mln

venerdì 3 gennaio 2014 09:14

FRANKFURT, Jan 3 (Reuters) - The European Central Bank reported the following daily data on
liquidity provision, in millions of euros. 
                                             TODAY       PREV DAY 
Use of overnight loan facility                 325            301 
Use of overnight deposit facility           79,526         85,658 
Current account holdings                   305,882        286,592 
Outstanding open market operations         704,239        704,273 
First covered bond purchase programme       41,647         41,680 
Second covered bond purchase programme      15,446         15,448 
The ECB completed its first, year-long 60 billion euros covered bond buying 
programme in June 2010 and its second one in November 2012, after spending 
less than half of the 40 billion euros it originally earmarked. The total 
value of the programmes occasionally fluctuates due to valuation issues or 
if bonds purchased mature. For data double click on and 
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For details of previous ECB overnight lending operations, see:  
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(Reporting by Frankfurt newsroom)


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Bce, depositi o/n in calo a 79,526 mld euro, prestiti a 325 mln | Mercati | Bond | Reuters.com
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