Bce, depositi o/n scendono a 83,893 mld euro, prestiti a zero

giovedì 18 luglio 2013 09:34

FRANCOFORTE, 18 luglio - Information on liquidity conditions in the euro area (in millions
of euro).     
Reserve maintenance period (MP): 10/07/2013  to 06/08/2013                      
Average reserve requirements for the current MP                     104,473     
Estimate on 16/07/2013 of average daily autonomous factors:                     
for the period 15/07/2013 to 23/07/2013                             507,700     
Figures as at 17/07/2013                                                        
Average current account holdings in the current MP (1)              280,953     
Outstanding open market operations excl. SMP*                       669,098     
Use of marginal lending facility                                          0     
Use of deposit facility                                              83,893     
Net liquidity effect from autonomous factors and SMP                306,768     
Current account holdings (1)                                        278,438     
*Securities Markets Programme                                                   
(1) Including minimum reserve holdings. Historical data on subsequent pages.    
European Central Bank, Frankfurt, + 49 69 1344 8577                             

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