Indesit prezza bond 2018 300 mln a 99,453,cedola 4,5%,+385,48 pb MS

lunedì 22 aprile 2013 16:55

22 aprile (Reuters) - Following are terms and conditions of
a bond priced on Monday.  
   Borrower                Indesit Company SPA 
   Guarantor               Indesit Company Luxembourg SA 
   Issue Amount            300 million euro 
   Maturity Date           April 26, 2018 
   Coupon                  4.50 pct 
   Issue price             99.453  
   Reoffer price           99.453 
   Spread                  385.4 basis points 
   Underlying govt bond    Over Mid-swaps, equivalent to 432.5 
                           bp over the 0.5 pct Feb 2018 OBL#165 
   Payment Date            April 26, 2013 
   Lead Manager(s)         Banca IMI, BNP Paribas, Citi, HSBC & 
   Listing                 Lux 
   Full fees               Undisclosed 
   Denoms (K)              100-1 
   Governing Law           English 
   ISIN                    XS0923605470 
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