Bce, depositi o/n in rialzo a 705,625 mld da 652,943 mld

venerdì 13 aprile 2012 09:15

April 13 (Reuters) - The European Central Bank reported the following daily data
on liquidity provision, in millions of euros. 	
                                          TODAY       PREV DAY 	
Use of overnight loan facility               2,040          1,461 
Use of overnight deposit facility          705,625        652,943 
First covered bond purchase programme       56,832         56,832 
Second covered bond purchase programme       9,692          9,672 	
The ECB completed its year-long covered bond buying programme in June 2010.
 The total amount purchased occasionally fluctuates due to
valuation issues or if bonds purchased mature. 	
    For data double click on The ECB launched a second, 40 billion
euro, year-long covered bond purchase programme at the start of Nov 2011. For
data double click on