Usa, asta bond 2 anni, rendimento massimi 0,240%

lunedì 19 dicembre 2011 19:06

 WASHINGTON, 19 dicembre (Reuters) - Di seguito i
risultati dell'asta di titoli di Stato Usa a 2 anni:  	
 High        0.240 pct 	
 Median      0.229 pct 	
 Low         0.166 pct 	
 Price              99.771630 	
 Accepted at high   91.24 pct 	
 Bid-to-cover ratio 3.45 	
 Total accepted                 35,000,009,000 	
 Total public bids tendered    120,756,451,400 	
 Competitive bids accepted      34,834,727,600 	
 Noncompetitive bids accepted      165,281,400 	
 Fed add-ons                     1,133,425,000 	
 Primary Dealer Tendered        88,548,000,000 	
 Primary Dealer Accepted        22,175,420,000 	
 Direct Bidder Tendered         18,435,000,000 	
 Direct Bidder Accepted          5,118,137,600 	
 Indirect Bidder Tendered       13,608,170,000 	
 Indirect Bidder Accepted        7,541,170,000 	
 Issued date    Jan. 03, 2012 	
 Maturity date  Dec. 31, 2013 	
 CUSIP number   912828RW2 	
 Dutch auctions are also called uniform-price auctions. 	
Successful bidders pay only the price of the lowest accepted 	
bid, rather than the actual price they bid as in a 	
multiple-price auction. 	
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