Bce colloca 3,43 mld euro in p/t 28 giorni, in scadenza 3,91 mld

martedì 10 settembre 2013 11:24

FRANKFURT, Sept 10 (Reuters) - The European Central Bank announced the following
results for its latest liquidity providing operation: 
 Longer Term Refinancing Op.-Allotment       Intended Volume:                   
 Reference Number: 20130197                  Min Allotment:                     
 Transaction Type: Reverse Transactions      Fixed Rate: 0.50 %                 
 Operation Type: Liquidity Providing         Max Bid Limit:                     
 Procedure: Standard Tender                  Max Bids per Cpty: 1               
 Tender Date: 10/09/2013 11:15               Marg. Rate:                        
 Start Date: 11/09/2013                      % of All. at Fixed Rate: 100       
 Maturity Date: 09/10/2013                   Tot Amount Allotted: 3429.7 mn     
 Duration (days): 28                         Weight. Avg. Allot. Rate:          
                                             Tot Bid Amount: 3429.7 mn          
 Auction Type: Fixed Rate Tender             Tot Number of Bidders: 23          
 Allotment Method:                           Min Rate (bids):                   
                                             Max Rate (bids):