Bce annuncia per domani p/t 3 mesi, in scadenza 14,961 mld

martedì 26 marzo 2013 15:41

FRANCOFORTE, 26 marzo (Reuters) - Longer Term Refinancing Op.-Announcement  
 Intended Volume:                    
 Reference Number: 20130063                  Min Allotment:                     
 Transaction Type: Reverse Transactions      Fixed Spread: 0 bp                 
 Operation Type: Liquidity Providing         Min Bid Amount: Defined by NCB     
 Procedure: Standard Tender                  Max Bid Limit:                     
 Tender Date: 27/03/2013 11:15               Max Bids per Cpty: 1               
 Bidding Deadline: 27/03/2013 09:30                                             
 Start Date: 28/03/2013                                                         
 Maturity Date: 27/06/2013                                                      
 Duration (days): 91                                                            
 Auction Type: Fixed Spread Tender                                              
 Allotment Method:                                                              
 Reference Entity: Average MRO rate                                             
 For further information please refer to the press release of 06/12/2012 here and ECB page    
 Announcements on Operational aspects.   
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