Esm colloca 1,927 mld nuovi titoli 3 mesi a tasso medio -0,0324%

martedì 8 gennaio 2013 12:52

8 gennaio (Reuters) - The permanent euro zone rescue fund,
the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), sold 1.927 billion euros
of new 3-month bills on Tuesday in its first debt auction, with
a bid to cover ratio of 3.2, Bundesbank data showed.  
  AUCTION DATE             08/01/13                          
  AVG YIELD                -0.0324 pct                      
  LOWEST ACCEPTED PRICE    100.003 pct                         
  TOTAL BIDS               6.243 bln euros            
  NON-COMPETITIVE BIDS     3.164 bln euros            
  ALLOTTED                 1.927 bln euros            
  BID COVER RATIO          3.2                                  
  The auction details can be found at