RPT - Bce, depositi o/n in salita a 240,454 mld, prestiti sotto 2 mld

martedì 20 novembre 2012 09:18

(Rinvia con margini tabella corretti)

FRANKFURT, Nov 20 (Reuters) - The European Central Bank reported the following
daily data on liquidity provision, in millions of euros. 
                                             TODAY       PREV DAY 
Use of overnight loan facility               1,850          1,822 
Use of overnight deposit facility          240,454        215,900 
Current account holdings                   535,897        558,511 
Outstanding open market operations         983,438        983,438 
First covered bond purchase programme       53,016         53,016 
Second covered bond purchase programme      16,414         16,414 
The ECB completed its year-long covered bond buying programme in June 2010.
 The total amount purchased occasionally fluctuates due to
valuation issues or if bonds purchased mature. For data double click on
 The ECB launched a second, 40 billion euro, year-long covered bond
purchase programme at the start of Nov 2011. For data double click on
 For details click here
For details of previous ECB overnight lending operations, see:  
For data on the ECB's 60 billion euro covered bond buying programme, double
click on