Bce drena previsti 212 mld, tasso medio fermo a 0,26%

martedì 5 giugno 2012 13:01

FRANCOFORTE, 5 giugno (Reuters) - The European Central Bank announced the  	
following results for its latest liquidity absorbing operation: 	
 Tender Operation-Allotment                  Intended Volume:                   	
 Reference Number: 20120086                  Min Allotment:                     	
 Transaction Type: Fixed Term Deposits       Max Rate: 1.00 %                   	
 Operation Type: Liquidity Absorbing         Max Bid Limit:                     	
 Procedure: Quick Tender                     Max Bids per Cpty: 4               	
 Tender Date: 05/06/2012 12:55               Marg. Rate: 0.26 %                 	
 Start Date: 06/06/2012                      % of All. at Marg. Rate: 61.479    	
 Maturity Date: 13/06/2012                   Tot Amount Allotted: 212000 mn     	
 Duration (days): 7                          Weight. Avg. Allot. Rate: 0.26 %   	
                                             Tot Bid Amount: 420650.5 mn        	
 Auction Type: Variable Rate Tender          Tot Number of Bidders: 71          	
 Allotment Method: Multiple Rate             Min Rate (bids): 0.25 %            	
                                             Max Rate (bids): 1.00 %            	
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