Spagna, tasso massimo 4,841% ad asta Bond decennale

giovedì 19 giugno 2008 11:58

 MADRID, June 19 (Reuters) - The Bank of Spain announced the
following results at Thursday's Treasury auction (amounts bid
and allocated in millions of euros). 
 This is the first auction of the bond since it was first
sold in a syndication deal in February. 
 In the last public auction of a 10-year bono, the highest
yield was 4.263 percent and the bid-to-cover ratio was 2.34. In
the syndication of the current bond, the highest yield was 4.197
 10-YEAR BOND               LATEST
 Auction date               June 19, 2008 
 Issue maturity             July 30, 2018 
 Coupon                     4.10 pct 
 Highest yield              4.841 pct 
 Average yield              4.827 pct 
 Tail                       0.014 bps 
 Average price              94.297 
 Total bids (mln euros)     2,894.86 
 Alotted (mln euros)        1,869.86 
 Bid-to-cover ratio         1.55 
 The Treasury had expected to sell 1.6-2.0 billion euros of
10-year debt at the auction. 
 For full details, subscribers can click on the Treasury pages TESORESP07 TESORESP08 TESORESP02 and Bank of Spain page



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