Spagna colloca bond 2013 per 3,22 miliardi euro

giovedì 3 dicembre 2009 11:17

  MADRID, 3 dicembre (Reuters) - Spain announced the
following results at Thursday's Treasury bond auction BANCN.
  It sold 3.22 billion euros worth of 2013, 2.30 percent
coupon bonds.  
 The Treasury had expected to sell between 3 and 4 bln euros
of the debt.  
 Following are the details of the bond sale.       
 Issue: 2013 BOND   
 Coupon: 2.30 PCT   
 AUCTION DATE                Dec 03, 2009               
 ISSUE MATURITY                 Dec, 2013                 
 COUPON  (pct)                       2.30                 
 HIGHEST YIELD  (pct)               2.151                 
 AVERAGE YIELD  (pct)               2.138                 
 AVERAGE PRICE                    100.522                 
 TOTAL BIDS   (mln)                 5,536                 
 ALLOTTED   (mln)                   3,220                 
 BID/COVER RATIO                     1.72                 
 For full details, click on the Treasury page TESORESP07
and Bank of Spain page BANCN.
 NOTE: The Bank of Spain earlier erroneously reported that it
had sold 2.1 billion euros of the bonds at an interest rate of
3.22 percent and a bid-to-cover ratio of 2.57.